Trends of Todays Smartphone

When the telephone was invented in 1876, no one in that era could have ever dreamt of what it has evolved into today. From making calls and texting, to playing games and Skyping; today’s smartphone has it all. Smartphones not only work functionally as communication portals, which allow us to keep communication lines open with important contacts via video and talk; they also serve as entertainment devices that can keep us entertained for hours. Smartphones are an all-in-one technology that continues to grow and improve.

With the introduction of both Apple’s iPhone Operating System (iOS) and Android in 2007, there’s now a multitude of applications a smartphone user can download and install on to their phone for use. Do you need a way to video chat with your loved ones that live across the country? If you have an iPhone, you can hop on to the iTunes App Store and download FaceTime, an app that allows you to video chat with them anywhere you like. Do you love playing games, but can’t afford that new expensive gaming console? Take a peek in the Android Market with your Android enabled smartphone and gawk at the thousands of different gaming options right at your fingertips, many of which are free as well.

With the investment of a smartphone, you combine all of these technologies you would normally have to pay for separately, into one small, handheld device that can travel with you wherever you go. This new technology makes it incredibly easy to stay connected with the world while meeting new friends, and staying in contact with old ones. Scratching that itch to avoid boredom with the endless entertainment possibilities has never been easier, either.cell-phones

Technology is constantly evolving at a fast rate, and smartphones will only continue to get better over the years to come. “Just ten years ago, the only game you could find on a cell phone was Snake (seems ancient, right?), and you were the “cool kid” if you had that old-school Nokia that took everyone 5 minutes to type out one sentence of text’ tweeted. It’s exciting to think what new fascinating developments and inventions await us in the future.